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hey guys

2008-07-25 12:20:42 by tictackmanicac

if anyone sees this can you tell me how to get experiance points because i have been reviewing stuff and not getting any points, im very confused,so if you know how then please tell.
Edit:Thanks for that answer man !!!


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2008-07-25 12:25:51

You get experience points from using the 0-5 rankings at the left side of the screen when your on the page that the animation is hosted. You know? 'Blam this pice of crap' etc. You have to rank like... 4 submissions a day (it tells you when you rank one) and everntually your points go up and so do your levels. Need any more help? I'm happy to explain.

tictackmanicac responds:

thanks 4 that soz i only just looked at this lolz anyways thx